Dr. Q of Star Nursery Shares What Gardening Enthusiast Are Doing Now and Why


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Dr. Q of Star Nursery Shares What Gardening Enthusiast Are Doing Now and Why.

LAS VEGAS – Dr. Q., A.K.A. Paul Noe Staff Horticulturalist at Star Nursery Garden Center shares fun tips for summertime.

It is no secret why garden enthusiasts love gardening, there are studies that show gardening is good for the soul. It helps to boost our moods, provides exercise, relieves stress, and a whole host of additional mental and physical benefits. Not to mention the increase in property value and benefits to our environment.

According to Dr. Q, there has been an increased interest for planting fruit trees and doing more in the garden and home.

a)     Being home more which allows some of us the time to nest and create a safe space where, we feel comfortable. Gardening provides that connection to earth and family.

b)     With school being out for summer, it is a great way to find creative projects for kids. They learn science and they tend to enjoy planting and watching things grow.

Additionally, irrigation is an important factor, while it may not be as much fun to talk about, it is a big part of the conversation right now. Most of us are looking to save money, making sure that watering systems are working efficiently helps to reduce water waste, which saves on water bills.  As we move into summer’s heat, it is a good time to get prepared using the following tips.

a)     Installing timers/ smart clocks

b)     Retrofitting to drip systems

c)     Replacing old sprinkler heads with water efficient nozzles

To go on, houseplants are also trending over the last few years, and this year is no different. The shift toward nurturing plants inside comes from the desire to boost productivity, increase mood change, and help to purify the air. Making them the perfect new backdrops for virtual meetings.

Lastly, small space gardening, has prompted the sale of flowers, plants, pottery, and soil Families are finding ways to garden without a yard by planting on balconies, small patios, and porches.

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